Studio Album

Junge Roemer

Mai 1984
GIG Records Austria

Über das Album

Folgt in Kürze


Music composed and arranged by Robert Ponger
Lyrics and lyrical conception by Falco
Produced by Robert Ponger
Recorded at Stereo West Studios Vienna
Overdubs at Musicland Studios Munich
Mixed at Arco Studios Munich
Recording Engineer: Robert Ponger
Overdubs Assistent: Hans Menzel
Mixing Engineers: Robert Ponger & Mal Luker
All Keyboards: Robert Ponger
Digital Key Terminal: Robert Ponger
All Guitars & Gitronics II: Mats Björklund
Additional drums & Percussions: Curt Cress
Bass Board: Falco
Additional Bass Guitar: Hans P. Ströer
Additional Guitar: Billy Lang
Alto Sax: Benny Gebauer
Trumpet: Felice Civitareale
Background vocals: The Opus Choir Machine & „Munich“
String Section of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Cover by Lo Breier & Michael Beran
Photos by Rudy Molacek