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Februar 2008
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Charts (DVD): #1 AUT, #1 GER, #10 SUI

  1. Symphonic Intro (Symphonic Live)
  2. The Sound Of Musik (Symphonic Live) 4:43
  3. Monarchy Now (Symphonic Live) 4:21
  4. Dance Mephisto (Symphonic Live) 3:36
  5. Les Nouveaux Riches (Symphonic Live) 3:26
  6. Junge Roemer (Symphonic Live) 4:31
  7. Ganz Wien (Symphonic Live) 5:20
  8. Jeanny & Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach) (Symphonic Live) 6:23
  9. Titanic (Symphonic Live) 4:23
  10. Vienna Calling (Symphonic Live) 5:14
  11. Nachtflug (Symphonic Live) 3:51
  12. Rock Me Amadeus (Symphonic Live) 4:12
  13. Helden Von Heute (Symphonic Live) 5:46
  14. Die Lesung (Auszüge aus "Falco liest Beat und anderes")
  15. Das Making Of (Reconstructing "Falco Symphonic")


Über das Album

Folgt in Kürze…


Produced by Thomas Rabitsch
Music arranged by Peter Paul Skrepek and Thomas Rabitsch
Arrangement assistence by Marie-Louise Oschatz
Conducted by Raoul Herget
Audio production:
Reproduced and re-recorded by Dietmar Tinhof and Dorothee Badent for TR Music Production
Falco voice restauration by Dorothee Badent and Ulrich Hatje using Algorithmix reNOVAtor
Sound design ambience, audience by Philipp Kemptner for Tremens-Film Tonstudio
Video production:
Director: Tom Hosa
Camera: Rainer Fritz, Bernhard Nicolics
Postproduction, editing: Bernhard Nicolics
Video footage: Johann Georg Waisberger, WN-TV, Jörg Prandner, ORF Niederösterreich, Leopold Bajzek,
Walter Grössinger, Andreas Herdlitschka, Bruno Weissenböck
Coordination & booklet content: Anja Rabitsch & Anna Mendt
Graphik Artwork by Jörg Eisenprobst, Dynamowien
Coverphoto by Curt Themessl
Aspect ratio 16:9
Dolby 5.1, 2.0 Digital Sourround
Deutsch (Englische Untertitel für Making Of)
96 Minuten