Studio Album

Wiener Blut

August 1988
Teldec Record Service GmbH
Charts: #2 AUT, #9 GER, #12 SUI


Über das Album

Folgt in Kürze


Songs 1-6:
Produced and arranged by Rob & Ferdi Bolland
Engineered by Okkie Huysdens & John 'Zorba' Kriek
Recorded and mixed at Bolland Studios Blaricum Holland
Synthesizers, keyboards, digital samplers, mouthorgan, drum and percussion
computer programming, backing vocals: Rob & Ferdi Bolland
Additional backing vocals, synthesizers & programming: Okkie Huysdens
All electric and accoustic guitars: Lex Bolderdijk
Bass: Jan Hollestelle
String arrangement: Dick Bakker

Songs 7-10:
Produced by Gunther Mende, Alexander C. Derouge
Arranged by P. Löw, P. Weihe, Gunther Mende, Alexander C. Derouge
Recorded at M+B Studio/Far Studio Rosbach Taunus
Remixed by Falco at Arco Studios Munich (songs 7 & 8)
Musicians: Pit Löw, Peter Weihe, Mats Björklund & Gunther Mende
Additional vocals: K. Haukel, L., Rocco, E. Singer, Alexander C. Derouge, K. Taylor, G. London
Chorus vocals: Alexander C. Derouge

Song 11:
Produced by Falco, Mal Luker
Recorded at Stars Studio Munich Hamburg by Falco & Luis Rodriguez
Remixed at Arco Studios Munich
Keyboards and programming: Detlev Reshöft & Mal Luker
Guitar: Nils Tuxen, Mats Björklund
Bass: Tissy Thiers
Tabla, Tanpura, Sarod, Tarang: Asim Saha, Kamalesh Maitra
Backing vocals: Victoria Miles & Freda A. Goodlett
German chorus: Falco

Photography: Dieter Eikelpoth
Cover: MZK Meyer zu Küningdorf